ABOUT De Drie Gezusters

Groningen and the ‘De Drie Gezusters’ are inextricably connected with each other. Situated in the exact centre of the city of Groningen, one could argue it is the most prolific Grand Café in town since the early 70’s. 

As the story goes, former director-general of the city of New York Peter Stuyvesant, had three daughters who had a tough time adapting to the strict Victorian decency standards. Escaping conservatism, they took home in a well decorated early 13th century stone build house on this very location. At the foot of the d’Olle Grieze, the local church tower, they first tasted the hospitality of the local Groningen people. Ever since that day, that hospitality and kindness have never changed within these walls. With respect to our rich history, we honour the three sisters as day of today with the name of our Grand Café: De Drie Gezusters. 

Either inside in our attractively furnished Grand Café, or outside on our heated terrace, one can enjoy our coffee and tea specialities, lunch and dinner as well as some great drinks.