de drie gezusters

The Drie Gezusters, or in English the Three Sisters, is the grand café located on the south side of Groningen's Grote Markt. A household name in the city and surrounding areas. There is room for everyone in this enormous property. The restaurant 's authenticity, the cozy seating areas and the friendly staff will make you feel at home in Groningen. You can visit the Drie Gezusters several times a week, for a cup of coffee, a delicious lunch, cozy dinner or just to enjoy the buzz whilst sipping your favourite tipple. It all happens here!

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Sportsbar de groote griet

"Groote Griet ben ik gehieten,
Om wijd en weer kon ik wel schieten,
Ik kreeg een kogel in mijn mond,
Ik schoot hem door de Haarder toren,
En toen nog zeven voet in de grond."

This poem is written by the people of Groningen in 1672 after the victory over Bommen Berend, the Bishop of Munster. The Groote Griet opened its doors in 1976 and has been a fixture on the Grote Markt ever since. The property has known a myriad of faces but has always exuded the traditional pub vibe. The interior has not changed much over the years, and the many bar signs and advertising displays attest to this history. Basically, the pub could be compared to a woman covered in tattoos!

Do you want to have drinks in Groningen's most welcoming stadium? The passion for sports is totally apparent as you walk across the Grote Markt toward the yellow awning. A friendly chat at the bar and always the chance to watch your favourite sports on the large tv screens. The history of the cannon after which De Groote Griet gets its name lives on in the walls of this atmospheric sports bar.

Looking for great food on a small budget? At Sportsbar de Groote Griet and Café Hoppe you've come to the right place! Seven days a week you can join us for the Stadshap, the menu can be found here. 

Contact details

Sports Bar De Groote Griet
Grote Markt 37
9711 LV Groningen
050 - 312 70 41


café hoppe

The narrowest pub in Groningen. Once known for selling fries and snacks, this fabulous location is now where the draught beer flows freely and there is always something going on. At the Hoppe you can enjoy a quiet draught beer or discover an exciting new cocktail. You will come across music bingo, sing-a-longs, pub quizzes, DJs and much more. There is no chance of becoming bored here!

Contact details

Café Hoppe
Grote Markt 37
9711 LV Groningen


de draaibar

The bar where sometimes you're no longer sure whether the bar is spinning or whether you might have had one too many! Wander the corridors, dance on the bar and sing along to the greatest hits. Where the bartender makes your evening just that little bit better. The Draaibar, is the place to be until the early hours! Open Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. onwards.

Contact details
De Draaibar
Grote Markt 39
9711 LV Groningen
050 - 312 70 41


boutique Hotel de doelen

The Doelen boutique hotel is the oldest hotel on the Grote Markt. Still portraying its former splendour and disarming with its down-to-earth Groningen hospitality. Relax right in the heart of Groningen. A cup of coffee or a glass of wine by the fireplace. Offering a 24/7 service to its guests for the last 225 years. Welcome to Boutique Hotel De Doelen!

Contact details
Boutique Hotel De Doelen
Grote Markt 36
9711 LV Groningen
050 - 081 20 07